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情人节英语祝福语 英语版的情人祝福语怎么写,你都了解过了吗?下面是我为大家收集的关于情人节英语祝福语,欢迎大家阅读参考! 1、她看动画片,你不但不准笑话她,还要跟她一起看。 She watching cartoon, you are not allowed to be laughing at her, not only with her. 2、我不相信永远的爱,因为我只会一天比一天更爱你。 I don't believe in forever love, because I can only love you more every day. 3、心累到一定的程度,连生气和计较的力气都没有了。 Heart tired to a certain degree, even angry and dispute have not enough strength. 4、深情是我担不起的重担,情话只是偶然兑现的谎言。 Deep feeling is I can't afford to bear the heavy burden, sweet prattle just chance to lie. 5、我爱你不是因为你是谁,而是我在你面前可以是谁。 I love you not because of who you are, but who I am when I am with you. 6、在认识你之后,我才发现自己可以这样情愿的付出。 After meet you, I found myself can be so reluctant to pay. 7、因为没娶到你,以后我就不会再发疯去想这些理由。 Because didn't marry to you, later I won't go crazy to think about these reasons. 8、不愿意醒来时,台灯投射在墙上只有我孤独的身影。 Don't want to wake up, desk lamp projection on the wall only my lonely figure. 9、看着满天的繁星,其中有两颗就是我注视你的眼睛。 Looking at the stars, one of two is I look at your eyes. 10、有些时候,该沉默就沉默。不要到头还是苦了自己。 In some cases, this silence is silent. Don't head or bitter yourself. 11、我恨,为什么我俩的灵魂不能同处在一个躯壳之中? I hate, why can't our soul with in a body? 12、我难过的时候你在哪里?一句抱歉就能把空白代替? I'm sad where are you? A sorry can make the blank instead? 13、最幸福的爱是,纵然我是万人迷,仍然被你一人迷。 Is the most happiness of love, even if I am a charmer, are you still a mystery. 14、我的梦中情人,她有一头像你一样乌黑亮丽的秀发。 My dream lover, she has a face like you beautiful black hair. 15、你是我的一切,上帝让你来到我身边,我真是太幸运。 You are everything to me, god let you come to me, I'm so lucky. 16、脸上的快乐,别人看得到。心里的痛又有谁能感觉到。 On the face of the happy, others see. In the mind of pain and who can feel it. 17、一段没有结果的感情,我还是会选择爱你,不会后悔。 A period of no results feelings, I will still choose love you, won't regret it. 18、我已经有一种酸痛的.感觉了,这证明我是真心付出的。 I have already had a feeling of pain, this is proof that I am really pay. 19、爱之火,在我俩的心中燃起,从此我俩将被熔在一块。 The fire of love in our heart, from now on we will was melted together. 20、月光洒进窗台,心里也想起了你,是否一切都还如意。 Moonlight into the window, the in the mind also thinking of you, whether is everything. 21、喝了你酿的爱情酒,如果没有续杯,我情愿渴一辈子。 Drink the wines you love, if there is no a refill, I would rather thirsty for the rest of your life. 22、有时我耳朵不太灵光,你可以咬着我的耳朵说悄悄话。 Sometimes my ears don't too light, you can bite a I whisper in my ears. 23、真诚之中,与你相识相知,灵犀之间,与你朝夕相伴。 Acquainted with you sincerely, and between a tacit, accompany with you daily. 24、看著微笑的你,突然发现,我真是世界上最幸福的人。 Looking at your smile, suddenly found that I was the happiest person in the world. 25、让我守候在这孤独的角落,默默地为你祈祷一生幸福! Let me waiting for you in this lonely corner, silently pray for you a lifetime of happiness! 26、我不想做你生命的插曲,只想做你生命最完美的结局。 I don't want to do your life episode, just want to make your life the most perfect ending. 27、我要做你所有作品的第一读者,而且是最忠实的读者。 All I want to be your first reader, and it is the most loyal readers. 28、每个说不想谈恋爱的人,心理都装着一个不可能的人。 Everyone who said don't want to fall in love, psychology are filled with an impossible person. 29、一别又几日,思念悄悄至;不爱那么多,此生只一次。 A don't again a few days, missing to quietly; Don't love so much, only once in this lifetime. 30、孤单不是与生俱来,而是由你爱上个人的那一刻开始。 Alone is not innate, but by you fall in love with the moment. 31、我想让你幸福快乐,我把你的微笑当成我一天的希望。 I want to make you happy, I take your smile as I hope one day. 32、我不想再郁卒下去,你可爱的脸庞使我甘愿永远沉醉。 I don't want to blue, and you lovely face that I'd never drunk. 33、以为没有你,我可以坚强一个人过,终於知道我不行。 Thought that without you, I can be a strong person, and finally know I can't. 34、喝了你酿的爱情的酒,如果没有续杯,情愿渴一辈子。 Drink the wine you make love, if there is no a refill, rather thirsty for the rest of your life. 35、你我鹊桥边,相对两无言,温情融天际,爱意永缠绵。 You I magpie bridge side, two relatively silent, soft melting the sky, never lingering affection. 36、如果能用一辈子换你停留在我视线中,我将毫不保留。 If can use a lifetime for your stay in my line of sight, I will not keep. 37、看着微笑的你,突然发现,我真是世界上最幸福的人。 Looking at you smile, suddenly found that I was the happiest person in the world. 38、愿得一人心,白首不相离。君记我一瞬,我念君半生。 Would like to have a heart, whitehead not and mutually leave. You remember I moment, I read your half a lifetime. 39、听女友话的男人才会有出息,所以,你要乖乖听她的话。 Men who listen to his girlfriend words have ambition, so, you want darling listen to her. 40、我希望每天晚上睡觉时都能梦到你,在梦里对你说晚安。 I hope I can dream every night sleep with you, said good night to you in the dream. 41、我喜欢你。不是因为我选择了你,而是因为你选择了我。 I like you. Not because I chose you, but because you choose me. 42、天上牛郎织女来相会,地下多情人儿共祈爱情永恒不渝。 To meet heaven vega, underground sentimental person qi love lasts forever. 43、我是一个没有吃过苦的孩子,但为了你我什么苦都能吃。 I am a child who has never tasted what is bitter, but for the sake of you I what all can eat. 44、宝贝,你,你知,你知道,你知道吗?你偷走了我的心。 Baby, you, you know, you know, you know? You stole my heart. 45、爱上你是我一生最大的痛,痛在不能分分秒秒的拥有你! Falling in love with you was out of my life the biggest pain, pain in not every minute with you! 46、就算全世界都放弃了我们,至少我们还有彼此可以依靠。 Even if the world abandoned us, at least we have to rely on each other. 47、有一种幸福是有一个能让你不顾一切去爱他一辈子的人。 Have a kind of happiness is a can make you desperate to love him forever. 48、当我不在你身边的时候,就让那些我送你的东西陪着你! When I am not around you, let that I send you things with you! 49、连就连,你我相约定百年。谁若岁死,奈何桥上等三年。 Even, you and I agreed in one hundred. If who age of death, alternative bridge waiting for three years. 50、孤单不是与生俱来,而是由你爱尚上个人的那一刻开始。 Loneliness is not innate, but by the moment you love is on the inpidual. 51、遇见你是个错,爱上你是一错再错,离开你是错上加错。 Meeting you was a mistake, falling in love with you is a repeat one's mistakes, to leave you is a mistake. 52、我希望我的下一场恋爱,要么,不开始;要么,一辈子。 I hope my next love, either, don't start; Or, for a lifetime. 53、思念就像河流般,滔滔不绝地流向大海,流向我的心房。 Missing is like a river, flowing into the sea, reel flowing into my heart. 54、孤单不是与生俱来,而是由你爱上一个人的那一刻开始。 Alone is not innate, but by you fall in love with a person's that moment start. 55、永远不要对我指手划脚,因为你说过我是你最欣赏的人。 Never told me what to do, because you said I was your favorite people. 56、你的吻还在我的唇上发烫,从此我的日子变得如此美丽。 Your kiss still burned on my lips, from then on, my life is so beautiful. 57、我感到世界上的一切,全部属于我了,因为你爱上了我。 I feel everything in the world, all belong to me, because you fell in love with me. 58、就算全世界都背叛你,我也会站在你身边,背叛全世界。 Even if the whole world betrayed you, I will stand beside you, betraying the world. 59、别害怕,我一直站在你的身后,总在你呼唤时守在你左右。 Don't be afraid, I have been standing behind you, always observe around you when you call. 60、爱是善良的,常常需要原谅,你爱我,就给我一次机会吧! Love is kind, often need to forgive, you love me, just give me a chance! 61、忠诚的爱情充溢在我的心里,我无法估计自己享有的财富。 Loyal in my heart filled with love, I can't estimate their enjoy the wealth. 62、快去吧,我就站在这等你乖乖上课,下课了,我过来接你。 Quick go to, I will stand here waiting for you in class, the class was over, I came to pick you up. 63、我会做我能做的对你好的。而且我觉得你相信我,是对的。 I'll do what I can do good to you. And I think you believe me, it is right. 64、你这个美丽可爱的小鸟,你要把我的心衔到什么地方去呢? You this beautiful lovely bird, you want my heart bit where to go? 65、不是除了你,我就没人要了。只是除了你,我谁都不想要。 Not in addition to you, I would have no one to. Just in addition to you, I who all don't want to. 66、不知为什么,只要有你在我身边,我的心便不再惶惶不安。 I don't know why, as long as there is you by my side, my heart will no longer panicky. 67、我初见你,人群中独自美丽,于是只消一眼,便沉沦我心。 I first saw you, in the crowd alone beautiful, then takes a look, and ruin my heart. 68、离开我就别安慰我,要知道每一次缝补也会遭遇穿刺的痛。 If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain. 69、你是我最初的选择,最后的选择,也是我此生永恒的选择。 You are my first choice, the choice of the final, is I this life eternal choice. 70、我时刻在想你,没有你我吃不下饭,睡不好觉,你在哪里! I think about you moment, without you I can't eat rice, sleep well, where are you! 71、不准你做世界上第一幸福的人,因为有你我才是最幸福的。 You mustn't do the first happiness person in the world, because of you I is the most happy. 72、我笨笨的时候,不要骂我,要耐心一点,否则我会自卑的。 I'm stupid, don't scold me, be patient, or I'll inferiority. 73、无论经历再长的岁月与磨砺,只要心中有你,就会甜蜜蜜。 Whatever experience long years and hone again, as long as the heart have you, will be almost a love story. ;